Zara… ethical? Has the world gone mad?!

Just had to stop mid-morning emails to blog this insane claim:

Telegraph Title

“-and ethical”??  The only reference to being ethical happens to fulfill their SCR quota – donating to the Haiti relief funds.  Inditex (zara’s parent company) sent two million euros of emergency reconstruction relief as cash.  Box – checked… in ink.  I think it’s a little rich that the article should then go on to demonise other corporate brands or “retail giants” who chose to send clothes instead of money, which lead to the decrease of local clothing retail & subsequent diminishing of the local retail industry… can i please point you in the direction of Reuters journalist, Felix Salmon :  who identified the problems with the overwhelming number of donations that went to Haiti in the first place?!

I’m not for one minute not advocating sending money to Haiti, but perhaps Zara could invest some of their “estimated €32 billion” worth into more regular philanthropic donations?

And can we take a second to talk about contradictions?Text excerpt

“Fast response to city specific trends” –  I would just LOVE to know the logistics behind the order from Spain for the sourcing of fabric and manufacturing of another “much bigger consignment” of cream jackets, which allowed it to be delivered within a fortnight of some retail assistant in the US saying “hmm I reckon some cream ones would sell good”.  How much overtime do we think Zara paid the manufacturers for this?  I’d like to see these figures alongside the fast-response accolades.  Not to mention that this is a total example of fast fashion led/caused by fast trends.

… and don’t even get me started on “it’s mass, but class” …   shudder.


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