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Why The Big Boys Need To Think Green

Let’s get real – it takes more than a lot of persistent educating to turn the non-green to green.  Realistically, it’s time to stop waiting for the everyday consumer to simply wake up one day and decide to be more environmentally and socially responsible.

We need to think bigger.  We need to think brands.

Corporate Brands Go Ethical

Corporate Brands Get Ethical

Brands are the ultimate Gods of desire.  Why else would we buy the beautiful, patent, ‘it’ hand bag in emerald green, or slick, ultralight, double-resolution display tablet?

The question is: can they make us desire a more ethical world?  If any one can do it, it’s the big brands.  And who knows, making us use less energy, or even, heaven forbid, making us buy less stuff, could be a good challenge!  But why would they want to?  Well, I’ll tell you why:  Consumer engagement and customer-brand relationship (… and I’m sad to add, ultimately, sales).

 Ariel - Turn to 30 Degrees Ad Campaign

Ariel - Turn to 30 Degrees Ad Campaign

Some of my favourite examples originate from the giants, Ariel and Sainsbury’s.  Ariel’s “Turn to 30” campaign encouraged customers to save money and feel informed, whilst doing something good for the environment.  The environmental result?  Saving almost 60,000 tonnes of carbon over five years.

During Sainsbury’s “Love your Leftovers” campaign, Sainsbury’s handed out tuppaware boxes and recipe cards for inspiring ways to integrate leftovers into new meals.

Talk about strengthening brand-customer relationship!  In one marketing move, Sainsbury’s suddenly became a mentor, someone looking out for you, someone you could trust.

Beyond this, green movements and schemes in the retail sector go against the perception of the “corporate giant”.  Everyone knows that retailers are simply out to make money, so gestures that contradict the perception, build trust, brand loyalty and ultimately make us come back for more.

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